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Jual STEAM PRESS BOILER khusus laundry Hotel,Laundry Rumah Sakit dan Laundry Premium, Berikut Penjelasannya:

Contatct: 081213970585 (WA/Telp)  / 021-87745132 (Taufik) www.mesinlaundrydepok.com

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Steam Boiler
Steam Boiler Tampak atas

Spek Press Machine  :

1.Controlled by imported SIEMENS computer, it is very easy to operate.
2.With special designed mold, it can fit the part of garment that need to press.
3.The method of applying cushion material is very reasonable. No matter how thick or thin the garment is, even the uniform with copper buttons, it will not damage the garment and buttons, You'll be satisfied with the ironing quality.
4.Patented design of steam circuit, which makes the appearance of whole machine very tidy. Only need 5 minutes to preheat.
5.Equipment with floating canister style draining machine, it is with efficient steam-saving effect.

Model Code DDC-303
Part of pressing Universal
Steam pressure 0.40.5
Steam consumption quantity 25
Voltage 380/50
Power 1.1
Noise ≤60
Weight 260
Size 1350*1400*1300
Equipment matched from outside

  Spek Steam Boiler :

Steam boiler / Air compressor

Model Code DSG-3 DSG-6 DSG-9
Working voltage V 220 220/380 380
Electrothermal power Kw 3 3-6 3-6-9
Max allowed pressure Mpa 0.4 0.4 0.4
Steam output Kg/h 4.5 9 14
Machine weight Kg 40 95 95
Exterior dimension(H*D*W) mm 500*450*800 650*55*1000 850*600*1

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